Saturday, 28 August 2010


Something that I have been listening to quite a lot ever since I heard Gilles Peterson play it on his Radio 1 show is a track called 'No Clear Reason' by Gang Colours.

Don't really know to much about them but I'm really feeling their music and as far as I'm aware they are still unsigned.
Here's a couple of their tracks for you to check out.

Thanks to Gilles Peterson for the heads up.



kyozoku said...

Love these productions. I want to buy this music but it doesn't seem to available for sale anywhere. Any ideas?

Nazy said...

Looking for his stuff too!
No luck!! :(

paul_dimmick said...

paul_dimmick said...

check out 'In Your Gut Like a Knife'

fb4281c6-5f97-11e0-8583-000bcdcb2996 said...

Expect his debut release 'In Your Gut Like A Knife EP' on Brownswood in the next couple of months!